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The Complete Restaurant Management System

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Now the Menu is the only 360 degree Restaurant Management Solution you need to manage and grow your business.


Your Brand

Every business is unique so that’s why our tools let you make it your own.


Multi-Venue Ready

Manage multiple venues from one dashboard and set granular permissions.


Desktop & Mobile

Customers can order from any device using our responsive platform.

Pizza Pasal
Koffie Please
Royal Empire

Upgrade to an ordering system that helps get your customers to order direct.

Now the Menu is here to provide you with an affordable online ordering solution that will improve the customer experience immediately, while also allowing you to define yourself online, establish a database for future marketing, and keep more profits from your hard-earned cash.

The global development of meal ordering applications has created a whole new breed of customers who demand variety, customization, and immediate gratification. Now the Menu will take care of the technology while you concentrate on your customers and the rest of your company.

  • Reduce food order errors
  • Create discount codes for different groups

Simplified order process

  • Process orders from a variety of sources, including third-party aggregators, websites, POS, applications, and more.

  • With KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) and KDS (Kitchen Display System), you can assure smooth coordination between the chef and the waiter, resulting in a superb client experience.

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